Coronavirus: North West Delegation of Public Health prepares to fight COVID-19

Following confirmation of two COVID19 cases in the nation’s capital Yaounde, by Cameroon’s minister of Public Health, Dr, Manaouda Malachie, an isolation unit has been created at the Regional hospital in Bamenda to handle such cases if need arises. This was revealed by Dr, Kinsley Che Nsoh, NW delegate of public health over the weekend at the Bamenda Regional hospital premises.

To prevent the infection of COVID-19 in the NWR, the Delegation of Public Health is collaborating with Doctors without Borders and the CBC Health Services to better understand the nature of the disease and how to sensitize the population on the prevention of COVID-19.

What is coronavirus?
Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that range from the common cold to MERS coronavirus, which is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus and SARs, Severe acute respiratory syndrome

Where do coronaviruses come from?
Corona viruses are circulating in animals and some of these coronaviruses have the capability of transmitting between animals and humans.

How to protect yourself from a coronavirus?
The coronaviruses typically cause respiratory symptoms. So individuals are advised to practice basic hand hygiene, such
as washing your hands with soap and water and respiratory hygiene, such as when you sneeze, sneezing into your elbow.
Ways to protect yourself against a potential animal source would be to avoid unnecessary and unprotected contact with live animals. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after contact with animals and also to make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly before consuming.

Is there treatment?
There are no specific treatments for coronaviruses, but symptoms can be treated. Source (WHO)

Director of WHO

COVID-19 was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019 and is speedily crossing to other parts of the world.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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