Sysy House of Fame Translates experiences of girls and women in armed conflict into an artistic perspective

Sysy house of fame, a Non-governmental organization, aimed at driving the sustainable development goals by engaging communities in arts, culture and technology has become a growing voice on issues of quality education (SDG 4), gender equality (SDG 5) and peace, justice and strong institutions (SDG 16).

Message of peace

In the Northwest region of Cameroon, Sysy house of fame, has organized shows under it’s girls in Arts project in partnership with the United Nations, Draufsicht and Yems group, to enable girls and women affected by the armed conflict, use shadow theatre to tell their stories without victimizing members of the communities.

Using different themes such as loss, love, pain, burden and peace, Sysy house of fame advocates for the return of peace in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon.

To Njobati Sylvie, 27, who founded Sysy House of Fame in 2017, “Shadow theatre is an inclusive and appealing way of reaching out to the people, especially to the young people who are easily radicalized.”

Aimed at helping the community find closure through arts, the shadow theatre conceptualization is based on true life stories from the girls of the organization.

Portraying the act of violence

Salah Mel-Catherine Atuma, an artist with Sysy house of fame, lost her father in the on going armed conflict in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon and doing the show helps her heal the pain.

“My family attends these shows and can testify every thing that happens. At first it was really painful to talk about it but as time went by, I could tell my story without feeling bad, she noted”.

Susy house of fame is the first organization to introduce Shadow Theatre performance in Cameroon.

“It is a form of theatre that you do not really see the people but you see their shadows.” Adds Sylvie

To increase awareness on the sustainable development goals, Sysy house of fame organizes SDGs games, to enlighten the community on its existence.

Youth indicating his priority SDG

The SDGs, a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, was set in 2015 by the UN General Assembly to be achieve in 2030 – Many youths in the Northwest region are yet to have knowledge on the SDGs.

Neba Precious Swirri, a student from PCHS Bamenda, says she does not know much about the SDGs and she will like to know more about it.

Body painting of SDGs

“My priority goals are: No poverty (SDG 1), No hunger (SDG 2) and quality education (SDG 4). This is because with poverty and hunger, it is difficult to get quality education.” Adds Precious

“More programs like this should be organized so that young people can learn more about the SDGs.” Precious appeals to the government and UN.

Youths arranging SDGs into their categories

By Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

2 thoughts on “Sysy House of Fame Translates experiences of girls and women in armed conflict into an artistic perspective

  1. Localising the SDGs is a call for concern as many individuals are not informed. I can still recall how you introduced this idea to us at the office and today it is a reality. It was a great performance for there is no better way of expression but through artistic expression


    1. Thank you Blessing. So much awareness on SDGs is needed in our communities. Youths don’t know about it and we can change that.


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