RECANNW2019: Re-launch of the Cultural Jamboree

Governor LeLe L’Afrique and Officials at #RECANNW2019

The 4th edition of the re-launch of artistic and cultural season (RECAN) has been launched in the North West region of Cameroon. While launching activities marking the cultural jamboree, Governor LeLe L’Afrique, called on private investors to invest in the cultural sector of the region so as to keep the NW culture alive. He further called on the youths to use the digital world in promoting the NW culture .

Under the theme “the constant consolidation of unity, peace and harmonious living together for an emergent Cameroon” the event will run from the 8th to the 12th of October 2019.

Youths showcasing a NW traditional dance

Talking on behalf of the Government delegate of the city council, the Secretary-General Anuafor Cletus Asongwe, described Bamenda as a safe haven for arts and culture while reminding regional and local authorities of their duty in promoting arts and culture within their municipalities.

“Events such as RECAN, are fundamental to every community. It is therefore an opportunity to identify, showcase, consolidate, preserve and eventually pass over their historical and cultural heritage from generation to generation. We should put in all efforts to jealously conserve our tradition, as well as artistic nature from the risk of being reduced to mere incantations.” Added Anuafor Cletus

Showcasing Natural Talent

Art is an echo of reality and good arts will mirror that reality, so that mankind can see and learn from its own image. Reason why the representative of the North West Artists, Tata Patrick says art is a way of expressing what we see, hear or feel around us and in us.

“Art unifies the community. Whether we are for the upper or lower wrongs of the society, we all fit in art as one family. A good laugh stirs a police man and a culprit so art is a leveler of vehicles, a leveler of positions and a leveler of ideologies. A forum for expression for natural cultural talents, should be created to showcase cultural diversity” Says Tata Patrick.

The Beauty Stand

At the end of the day, Governor LeLe L’Afrique visited over 20 stands that displayed artistic and cultural products such as bags made with ankara, the NW regalia, multimedia, visual and graphic designs, street dance, photography, theatre arts and cinematography etc.

Till the 12th of October, each group will showcase it’s creativity to the people of the NW region.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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