Dr Kingue and Dr Nsame

Dr Denis Nsame Nforniwe has been installed into his new function, as the new director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital. Under the patronage of the North West Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr. Che Soh Kingsley, the ceremony took place on the 18th of September, 2019 at the Bamenda Regional Hospital Multipurpose Hall.

The occasion was used by some of the partners of the regional hospital, who were press men and community leaders to applaud the efforts of the outgoing director Dr kingue Thomson Njie, who carried out a lot of infrastructural development at the regional hospital like the building of a modern toilet at the hospital and the renovation of some wards in the Regional Hospital.

During the ceremony, the outgoing Director called on Dr Nsame to benefit from the available committed and devoted personnel serving in the hospital and to integrate the prevailing context of crisis in his planning activities so as to keep the growing patient’s satisfaction level.

Administrative staff of the hospital

Dr Thomson Njie didn’t relent in congratulating the efforts of the staff of the hospital for their sacrifice and collaboration. He urged the staff to always be neutral in times of conflicts and treat their patients with equity. “I equally appreciate your support and alliance. I urge you to support the incoming director. To the public and the press, don’t withhold your support to the new Director. Give him the same backing you had given me. 60 percent of the work has been done and the remaining 40 percent will be completed by the incoming director”.

Outgoing Director, Dr Kingue

Following his effective assumption of duty, the Regional Delegate of Public Health urged the new Director and the entire management team of the Regional Hospital Bamenda to meticulously implement and ensure the follow up of the roadmap of the Ministry of Public Health. Amongst others, to improve on the standards of equipment and infrastructure for the Maternity, Theatre, Imagery Center, Hemodialysis Center and the New Private ward; the institution of a modern emergency and Reanimation units in this Hospital; the institution of an efficient system for monitoring the implementation of all priority Health Programs in this Hospital; to ensure a strict compliance to texts binding the Motivation of Personnel in Public Health Facilities in line with PM decree of the 13th of December 2016; to ensure the smooth implementation of the Obstetric Kit Project; to procure essential drugs in Priority from the North West Regional Fund for Health Promotion and secondarily from any other accredited suppliers as stipulated by Ministerial text of the 5th of December 2018; to ensure strict compliance to Public Service Regulations binding the recruitment, management and retirement of Personnel in Public Health Facilities; to ensure strict compliance to texts binding the Payment of Solidarity funds by 3rd Category Health Facilities.

On his part, Dr. Denis Nsame Nforniwe expressed his satisfaction with the warm welcome. “I worked in Batibo for 7 years before leaving for the West region and I must say; it feels good to be home. “taking over this prestigious hospital at this delicate moment our country is going through, I think expectations are very high. I want to thank Dr. Kingue for what he has done”.

“The Regional delegate of Public Health has given me a long list of expectations and together with my collaborators; the doctors, nurses and cleaners, we will work hand-in cloves to make sure we continue to offer quality health care to the population in this context. We will remain impartial, neutral and we will do operational independence”. Added Dr Nsame

While closing the ceremony the Regional Delegate strongly pledge the total support of the North West Regional Delegation of Public Health which is the structure that directly regulates the functioning of this hospital. He then urged the hard working and committed staff of the Regional Hospital Bamenda to give their New Director, the same support they gave the outgoing director and even more so as to magnify the beauty of team work.

Dance group from Ndu

It is worth noting that the new director Dr. Denis Nsame Nforniwe, was by Ministerial Order No 218 /MINSANTE of the 1st of August 2019, appointed as the new director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda to replace Dr. Kingue Thompson.

Dr. Denis Nsame Nforniwe has been in the medical field for 21 years he served as a medical doctor and is the outgoing director of the Limbe Regional Hospital.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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