Dr.Sani Condemns PEPT For Withholding Ruling, Warn Supreme Court Judges of People Wrath

Aftermath of the judgement by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, PET which dismissed all the charges brought by the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP , Dr. Atiku Abubakar and the PDP, a civil right activist and the founder of Deservation. Org, Dr Sani Adamu has called on the international community to prevail on the PET not to tamper with the judgement which its members gave on September 11, 2019 to release it forthwith.

Dr Sani

According to the Dr.Sani , the tribunal’s judgement is riddled with errors and contradictions which if presented to a court of higher jurisdiction would be thrown out and ridiculed. He added that these grave errors have forced the PEPT not to release the original rulings with the aim of dubiously rectifying the anomalies .

Speaking to newsmen this morning , Dr. Sani said

“The ruling of the PEPT is a disgrace and an affront on the intelligence of Nigerians.
” In what amounts to a ridicule of judiciary, the PEPT members tried in vain to convince Nigerians that election results were not sent to a server when the Chairman of Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, Mahmud Yakubu,INEC commissioner, Mike Igini were caught on national television saying that results would be transmitted to a central server .

“The PEPT also decided to ignore the evidenced of INEC staffs would also told the tribunal that the transmitted live results to a central server .

“The most ridiculous aspect of their ruling was the pronouncements by a learned judge that it doesn’t matter whether the certificate tender by President contained Muhammadu or Mohammed , but so long as it bore the name Buhari, it legal .

” I will then ask him to go the bank and tender such information as his and see if he won’t be arrested .
I will use the word of a famous Nigerian to call the PEPT judge, he said .

“The verdict is not only preposterous, if it is not overthrown and thrown into the dustbin by the Supreme Court, it will spell the end of free and fair elections in Nigeria and it will provide a precedence that will ensure that the unity of the country is no longer tenable , Dr Sani added .

The young activist further called on the United States, Britain and Germany to watch closely how the Buhari regime is putting negative pressure on the judiciary forcing it to give judgements that are only favourable to the President and All Progressive Congress, APC .

He also noted that, Dr.Atiku Abubakar, being a peaceful person would not do anything inimical to the Democratic wellbeing of Nigerians but the ordinary Nigerians who are fed up may not stomach the injustices, dubiousness and hardships imposed on them by the APC and Buhari .

He further call on the judges of the Supreme Court of Nigeria to understand that the appeal by Atiku and the PDP is not political thing but rather the appeal by the over 15 million Nigerians who trooped out on that fateful day to vote for a progressive change .

He urged the judges to uphold and dispense justice as they all swore to defend and uphold from inception by declaring Atiku the rightful winner of the Presidential election .

” I call on the supreme court justices to note that is not the Supreme Court versus PDP or Atiku but the Supreme court validating the wishes of the over 15 million Nigerians who trooped out that day to vote for a progressive change by choosing Atiku over Buhari .

“You will be writing your names in gold if you do the right thing , you will be writing you names in the hall of infamy, shame and barbarity if you uphold the PEPPT verdict”. Sani added.

By Mike Odeh James – Nigeria

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