Sani Condemns Xenophobic Attack In South Africa, Lampoons Buhari For Late Action.

Dr. Sani Adamu

The Founder of Deservation. Organization, Dr. Sani Adamu, has called on the international community to condemn the current attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa.

The recipient of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ’s Young Democratic Icon Award, also suggested that South Africa should be sanctioned immediately for embarking on such barbaric acts unabated.

Dr.Sani who was speaking to journalists in Yenogoa, Bayelsa State shortly after he was conferred with the award, said “The looting of shops belonging to foreigners and lynching of foreigners in South Africa is sad and condemnable.

“Those South Africans who are engaging in such heinous acts should know that they are not better than those they are calling criminals .

“The actions of these South Africans would only act as a catalyst of hatred against South Africans, it is therefore in this vein that I call on President Cyril Ramaposa of South Africa to intervene quickly to save the image of his country, and to save the lives and properties of nationals from other African countries.”

Sani also condemned President Buhari for being too slow in responding to the situation Nigerians have found themselves in South Africa.

According to Sani, reports have been rife for quite sometimes about the maltreatment of Nigerians in that country but the government of President Buhari refused to take actions to ameliorate the situation.

“I must expressed my disenchantment with the way Buhari has handled this situation. If you recall, a Nigerian was murdered in her hotel suite about two months ago, another Nigerian, a taxify driver was killed too.

“All these and many more acts should have propelled Mr President to have immediately taken action, instead he was busy picking his teeth after meal and posting it on Facebook.

“I charge Mr President to act speedily and bring back Nigerians who are stranded in that country instead of the loss of our beloved ones everyday,” he lamented.

The democracy advocate also made reference to how former President Goodluck Jonathan reacted quickly when South Africa deported 125 Nigerians for not having the yellow fever vaccination card.

According to Sani, Goodluck deported about 80 South Africans, and the South African government quickly apologized.

He also recalled how late General Murtala Muhammad reacted in 1975 when Nigerians were murdered in Equatorial Guinea.

“Murtala amassed troops in Calabar and declared his intention to invade Equatorial Guinea, but the government of that country quickly apologized, since then, there have no reported case of Nigerians being harassed in that country again,” he explained.

Speaking on the Supreme Court dismissal of the suit against President Buhari for forgery of West African Educational Certificate, WAEC and for lying under oath, the chairman of Deservation Organization expressed his disappointment, saying, “I humbly disagree with the decision of the court, the President lied under oath, presented various certificates and lied that the Army was in custody of his certificate.

“All these showed that what the President did was illegal but the supreme court thought otherwise.

“Should we then believe the popular saying that the judiciary which is supposed to be the last hope of the common man has now compromised,” he queried.

He added that what the leaned judges are telling us is that our children should not go to school anymore but provide us with fake certificates

By Mike Odeh James – Nigeria

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