UNESCO trains youths and women in the culture of dialogue and social cohesion in Bamenda

Participants at UNESCO’s workshop on social cohesion

A two days workshop on the theme “strengthening capacity in support of peaceful electoral processes and social cohesion in Cameroon”, organised by UNESCO has taken place at the BDA 1 council hall, 12th of July 2019.

In an effort to address these threats, UNESCO in partnership with some local NGOs organized the workshop with focus on women and youth involvement in national and local peace building and prevention of electoral violence – broader participation of women as political actors at national and local level.
Cameroon has experienced political and economic stability for decades and continue to play a key role in central Africa’s regional integration, however over the last five years, the Impact of the three crisis roxking the country – Boko Haram in the Far North, the Central African crisis affecting the East region and the Anglophone crisis are threatening Cameroon’s peace.


The Anglophone crisis has youths involved on both sides – either as Pro-independent fighters or military officers and for the women, they have loss their husbands, children and family relations in the course of the conflict.

Youths and women are reported to be highly affected by the on going crisis in the North West and South West region.

The project also pay attention to promoting peace and social cohesion by mobilizing communities to support a culture of dialogue and by strengthening the capacity of national and local level institutions to fully integrate women’s right and gender principal for inclusive elections and sustained conflict prevention in Cameroon over the electoral cycle.

Maikem Emmanuela and Mokom Thomas

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