Bamenda City Council and Hysacam seek solutions to poor Waste Management

Mbah Pius and Zaumu Joseph

A crucial meeting to seek long lasting solutions to the poor waste management in Bamenda has taken place at the city council. Held on the 12th of July 2019, the meeting brought together officials from the Bamenda city council, Hysacam, mayors of Bamenda 1,2 and 3, Fons and quarter heads in the City council area as well as journalists.

Opening the meeting the SG of the city council Mbah Pius, called on attendees not to look at what went wrong or do the blame game but to look for an immediate solution to the waste crisis in the city of Bamenda.

On the part of the Director of the waste management company Hysacam Zaumu Joseph, he explained to attendees that added to the fact that one of his new truck was burnt in January 2019, four workers were kidnapped at the mile 6 dump site in April, the road going to the dump site in Mbellewa, a neighbourhood in Nkwen was cut off in October and the temporal site at mile 6 Mankon is full and can not contain even an additional kilogram of waste.

Asked if his company Hysacam is a target of the separatist fighters, Zaumu Joseph answered “No”, stating that they are just victims of circumstances.“We were at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

He added that for the past 6 months his company has been able to work just for two months and it is a big disadvantage to them. “We have to carry a particular tonnage of waste a day before we are paid. As per my contract signed on the 30th of January 2017″.

It should be noted that it is the responsibility of Hysacam to carry waste to the dump site but it is the duty of the city council to provide a suitable and secured dump site.

“My company is ready to clean the town if the city council provides a dump site”. Added Zaumu Joseph

Cross section of Attendees

The following resolutions were arrived at;
• The state land at new road beside the cattle market will be use as a dump site with the city council forming a committee to see the Fon of Mendakwe for the go-ahead and also to provide an access road to the site.
• It was also decided that the city council will work on an access road to the waste site in Mbellewa, mile 4 Nkwen.

All resolutions are expected to be realized in a week time.

For months now, major streets and markets in the city of Bamenda have been held hostage by heaps of garbage – putting the population at risk of a health epidemic. Few days back, Edge construction company within the framework of its social responsibility, cleared mountains of dirt around the city which gave the people some fresh air.

If all the resolutions are respected and on time, Bamenda will gain back it’s position as one of the cleanest city in Cameroon.

Maikem Emmanuela and Mokom Thomas

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