Controversies Surrounds the Cleaning campaign of Edge construction in Bamenda

Though applauded by many for clearing the mountain of dirt that has covered most major streets and markets in the city of Bamenda, the philanthropic gesture of Edge led by its CEO Tachang Pius, has been surrounded by controversies.

Accusations of him been contracted by the lone cleaning company Hysacam have been raised by some individuals in Bamenda while others have it that Edge is carrying out this gesture without officially informing authorities nor the management of Hysacam.

Tachang Pius

Speaking to Maikem’s dairy, Tachang Pius indicated that the above accusations are false while declaring that he was not contracted by anyone and respected the powers that be.

“When we have a problem like this, we don’t have to wait for someone to contract us. We could not allow Bamenda to be covered by dirt, with stinking streets. One cannot walk around Bamenda without covering his or her nose. We see it as a real problem that needs a solution”.

Tachang Pius also stated that a notification letter was sent to the appropriate state authorities but not to Hysacam because they did not want to go through a lot of protocol before saving the population and science is not needed to clear garbage.

“In our African culture when your neighbor is in trouble, you step in to help before asking why – we are not stepping into the shoes of Hysacam. Our gesture is only to solve a pending health issue that hovers over this city. With all humility we are not here to replace Hysacam but doing what we can to help the situation”.

The voluntary exercise dupped “Fight against health epidermic: Bamenda deserve better” has enabled Edge clear abandoned garbage from Nkwen market to mile 4 and 5, foncha street, Mulang, Commercial avenue, T-junction and Ntarikon market. An exercise Tachang Pius describes as a necessary cost, for the effects of a health epidemic will cost the people more. He further revealed that the exercise has cost the establishment the sum of 50.000.000frs but the cleanliness of Bamenda has no price.

Workers of Edge

For several months, the issue of poor waste management deteriorated as inhabitants of Bamenda city continue to release more dirt from their homes and business places, thereby adding more dirt to the pile of garbage.

In order to manage the situation, some persons resulted to emptying their waste cans into streams while others dug holes by their homes to dump perishable waste for manure and burnt the rest.

It is in this light that Tachang Pius called on citizens including the authorities to put in one or two efforts to keep the environment clean so the city can stay healthy and never get to the level of heaps of dirt garnishing the city. He hopes that Bamenda can once more be the cleanness city in the country, a position it had occupied years back.

It should be noted that the management of Hysacam was not available for comments.

In the meantime, Bamenda denizens have expressed their desire for Hysacam and other actors to join Edge in the cleaning exercise so as to keep Bamenda clean.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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