NW security forces opens investigation into the burnings of houses in UPKWA village in Wum

Investigations have been opened by the defense and security forces to track the perpetrators that attacked the Lake NYOS resettlement camp in UPKWA village in Wum sub dividion, Menchum divison, where they burnt more than 40 houses, tortured the inhabitants, slaughtered animals and looted properties. The information is contained in a press release signed by North West Governor Adophe Lele L’Afrique.

The Governor also called on the perpetrators to accept the hand of fellowship extended to them by the Head of State, by dropping their weapons and benefit from the support given at the disarmament centre, so they can reintegrate into the society.

Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique extends the sympathy and solicitude of the head of state to the victims.
An ad-hoc commission headed by the senior divisional officer for Menchum has been created to identify the victims, as well as assess bodily injuries, their damaged property and immediate humanitarian needs.

This is another round of human rights violation in the region. Few weeks back, a similar incident took place in Alachu Mankon leaving many families homeless. Investigations into the arson are still ongoing.

Maikem Emmanuela

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