Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi, says Separatists fighters killed the 4 months old baby in Muyuka.

Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi has blamed Ambazonia fighters for the brutal killing of a four month old baby in Makanga neighborhood, Muyuka subdivision in the South West region. In a release signed Wednesday May 22, 2019, Minister Rene Sadi states the father of the child is a former fighter who repented but was still been hunter by his former colleagues.

In a video released on the 20th of May 2019, Martha Ngum the baby’s mother indicated that her baby was shot by the military despite her pleas.

The Minister pointed out that the father of the baby is an ex-Amba fighter, but is not found in any of the DDR centres created to rehabilitate former Boko Haram and Ambazonia fighters who dropped weapons.

Both the Cameroon government and separatists have been playing a blame game throughout the crisis in an attempt to defend themselves and influence public opinion.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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