Human head dumped at Mobile Nkwen Bamenda

The head of Mr Wountai Oliver, a history teacher of GBHS Nitop, Bamenda has been cut off and dumped at mobile Nkwen Bamenda at 5 pm, 21st of May 2019. The act was accompanied by sporadic gunshots which sent everyone around the vicinity running for safety.

Inhabitants of Ghana street, Sisia quarters and other neighboring quarters now live in fear of military retaliation that usually follows such incidence in Bamenda.

Earlier today, separatist fighters and the Cameroon military were engaged in a gun battle along the Santa stretch of road. Travelers getting into the North west region in the morning, had to stay in the west region till it was safe for them to get into the region.

This was followed by an enforced ghost town.

This is not the first time a human head has been abandoned on the streets of Bamenda by unknown persons.

This adds up to the numerous human rights violations that has been committed by both the military and the separatists fighters since the Anglophone crisis started in 2016.

On the 20th of May, a four months old baby was shut dead in Muyuka. According to the baby’s mother the military forced their way into her house and shot the baby who was sleeping while she was in the kitchen despite her pleas.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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