NW – Hemodialysis Center Under Crisis.

Bamenda Hemodialysis Center

As opposed to information circulating on social media about an organized strike action by patients of the hemodialysis center at the North West regional hospital, the said action did not take place as planned. Actually, the center has been facing difficulties maintaining the hemodialysis machines. In the last months; only one out of seven machines was available to serve 64 patients.

The insufficient machines and lack of stand by technicians at the hemodialysis center caused the patients to organize a strike action, a plan which the hospital’s management was able to prevent.

According to Tanyi Tacho, a nurse at the hemodialysis center the parts of the machine and the technicians only comes from Yaounde so it makes it difficult for the hospital’s technician to repair the hemodialysis machines when they are bad.

“We have sent reports to Yaounde after which two technicians were sent to help our technician. We are still expecting parts from the ministry and as of now, we are doing our best to support the patients morally and keep them strong till we get all that we need from the ministry.”

Currently, the center has returned to normalcy and patients are back on treatment.

The Bamenda Regional Hospital Hemodialysis Centre resumed its services after received a fresh supply of kits vital for the functioning of the Hemodialysis Centre on Monday July 24, 2017. The close to 1000 kits were provided to be used alongside the complicated machines at the centre to perform hemodialysis on diabetic patients and those with kidney problems. The kits composed of devices and solutions like syringes, the dialyzer (artificial kidney) concentrate, tubes and various liquids that are not reusable.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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