PM Dion Ngute Promises to wipe the tears of NW Women

Once more the North West women task force has wet the streets of Bamenda with their tears. Weeping for their husbands, sons, and daughters who have lost their lives since the Anglophone crisis started in 2016. A good number of civilians, military and government officials are now in their graves. Properties have been destroyed while the Anglo-Saxon educational system of the region is collapsing. These women used the maiden visit of the Prime Minister Dion Ngute to the NW region, to once again cry out for the world to hear them and understand their pain. Cry for help that Prime Minister Dion Ngute acknowledged upon his arrival at Ayaba in Bamenda.

Women crying for crying for help
PM Dion Ngute

Cameroon’s Prime Minister and head of government Dr Dion Ngute says the President Paul Biya is ready for dialogue and promise to protect and provide jobs for the armed youths in the bushes who are ready to lay down their arms. Dr Dion Ngute echoed that decentralization cannot be gotten in war but through dialogue. He will dialogue for anything except for secession. Prime Minister Dion Ngute further echoed that the place of youths is not in the bush but on playgrounds, in schools and professional institutions and much more. Let’s listen to the Dr Dion Ngute’s message to the people.

PM Message to North Westerners

The prime minister is on a 4 day (9th to 12th May 2019) peace mission in Bamenda and will in the days ahead, hold consultations with government officials, traditional rulers, members of the civil society, stakeholders, trade unions among others. He will visit the chairman of SDF, NI John Fru Ndi at his Ntarikon residence and the University of Bamenda in Bambili.

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

One thought on “PM Dion Ngute Promises to wipe the tears of NW Women

  1. a clear rejection is always better than a fake promise… so Mr PM.. let see if you can keep to your words ..


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