Agriculture: A Short Cut to Success That Youths Neglect.

Ernest Chapi Drilling Youths

It is mostly known by everyone that agriculture means going to the farm in the morning with a hole and toil all day reasons why youths shy away forgetting that the secret to succeed is hard work.

It is for this reason that Global Youth Transformative Aid organizes workshops aim at nurturing and opening the minds of young people towards agriculture while educating them on successful agricultural systems – subsistence Agriculture (Bush fallowing, Dry farming, Terracing, Shifting cultivation, cattle rearing and as well as plantation farming). that can change their lives.

In one of such workshops on agriculture, livestock and poultry production supervised by Ernest Chapi Mukete, participants receive education on the different categories of agriculture which ranges from animal to plants.

Ernest Chapi while educating the youths reveals that on a scale from one to a hundred, not up to 30 or 40 young people engage in animal rearing activities which include the rearing chickens, pigs, rabbits and many others. “We don’t even know that this is where money circulates. It is also a common believe that only poor people engage in agriculture and some say it is a business for large capital.”

Che Harris a participant and a farmer describes his first experience in farming and says it was not good but he is ready to learn and make the best out of it.

” I was a poultry farmer but I met a lot of problems – almost all my chickens died and I gave up but I came here today to learn and I’m glad I have received enough knowledge to start over “.

The lack of knowledge is what kills many today as many people skip away from agriculture because they do not know how to go about it.

Ambe John another farmer who is into crop production such as tomatoes, vegetables and many more says every youth out there should practice agriculture, learn it and enjoy its benefits.

“It is also sad to know that the northwest is blessed with rich soil and natural minerals which we do not use. It is therefore right to call on every youth out there male or female to leave their comfort zones and engage themselves in agriculture. Remember no food for a lazy man.”

Maikem Emmanuela Manzie

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