Agriculture: A Short Cut to Success That Youths Neglect.

It is mostly known by everyone that agriculture means going to the farm in the morning with a hole and toil all day reasons why youths shy away forgetting that the secret to succeed is hard work. It is for this reason that Global Youth Transformative Aid organizes workshops aim at nurturing and opening the minds of young people towards agriculture while educating them on successful agricultural systems – subsistence Agriculture (Bush fallowing, Dry farming, Terracing, Shifting cultivation, cattle rearing and as well as plantation farming). that can change their lives. In one of such workshops on agriculture, livestock and … Continue reading Agriculture: A Short Cut to Success That Youths Neglect.

Cameroon Government Fights Poliomyelitis

From the 29 to the 31st of March 2019, children aged 0 – 5 years will be administered the oral polio vaccine alongside Vitamin A and Mebendazole (Deworming) in all health centers in the North West Region of Cameroon. It will be a door to door service and social mobilizers will visit churches, palaces, markets and other public places. According to Dr Sama Julius, the regional coordinator for the technical group for EPI (Expanded Programme in Immunization), young children and old people are vulnerable to poliomyelitis because during these periods, their immune systems are weak.  “It is nationwide preventive campaign … Continue reading Cameroon Government Fights Poliomyelitis

Over 4500 people in the world lose their lives to TB Daily – World TB Day 2019

On the 24th of March, the TB day will be commemorated globally, with Cameroon inclusive under the theme: World TB Day 2019 – ‘it’s time’. The day will serve as a platform to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of TB, and to step up efforts to end the global TB epidemic. According to WHO, TB remains the world’s deadliest infectious killer. Each day, nearly 4500 people lose their lives to TB and close to 30,000 people fall ill with this preventable and curable disease. Global efforts to combat TB have saved an estimated 54 … Continue reading Over 4500 people in the world lose their lives to TB Daily – World TB Day 2019

Anglophone Crisis: The Fight For Education

Education is said to be the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another but with the aggravated armed conflict in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon, the next generation of this country might not be able to get this soul nor pass it on as students and teachers are frustrated with the paralyzed Anglophone system of education. On the 21st of November 2016 the Anglophone teacher trade union in Bamenda North West Region of Cameroon, started a strike action calling on the government to respect the Anglophone sub system of education (Anglosaxon system of … Continue reading Anglophone Crisis: The Fight For Education

Four youths killed and Houses burnt in Wum

Four youths have been killed and houses burnt allegedly by the military around kooh -Bu village in Wum, Menchum Division of Cameroon. Inhabitants of that locality have been with no roads for over 8 months with little or no medical facilities and a traumatized livelihood. Movements in and out of Wum can be described as a journey to hell causing shortage in supplies. In May 2018, Dr. Richard Mbarika Fondoh, the Manager of the Northwest Regional Fund for Health Promotion, NWRFHP disclosed that the Wum health district wasn’t able to receive medical supplies and all efforts made to use a … Continue reading Four youths killed and Houses burnt in Wum