Cervical Cancer kills over 1300 women yearly in Cameroon .

Over 2000 women in Cameroon are being diagnosed yearly with cervical cancer and 1300 of these women loss their lives to this dreadful disease. This was revealed by Dr Njodzeven Divine during a sit down recently with Maikem’s diary during a one month screening program for cervical cancer (50% off the normal fee) at the Mbingo annex Baptist hospital Nkwen.

“Cervical cancer is an in infection in the lower part of the womb that is the cervix, the lower 1/3 of the uterus when these cells start getting abnormal; they begin to spread throughout the womb causing infertility which leads to death.” Says Dr Njodzeven Divine.

This cancer program which has been running throughout the month of January was design to bring cervical cancer to the spot light as cervical cancer is a big threat to the lives of women globally considering its slow and deadly nature. Statistics from cancer research programs has shown that during its first stage which is the pre cancer stage, it is hardly discovered and can manifest to cervical cancer only after about 10 years.

“Cervical cancer has many symptoms;

  • bleeding during or after sex
  • Seeing your period in between menses ( twice a month)
  • Post-menopausal bleeding (woman who has attained menopause but is still bleeding).
  • Offensive watery discharges, and when it gets to the advanced cervical cancer stage, the woman start experiencing lower abdominal pain.

Now to prevent this disease, women and girls are advised to stay away from early sex practice, and parents should visit the hospital with their 9 year old daughters for a cancer prevention vaccine which will boast the immune system.” Added Dr Njodzeven Divine

The month of January is recognized globally as the cervical health awareness month by different health organizations. Many platforms including the social media are being used to create awareness amongst women and young girls.

Amaboh Carrey Pride

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