Cameroon’s ministry of Public Health awards five regular blood donors in Bamenda.

Blood Donors with hospital staff

Five blood donors who have constantly risk their lives to donate blood to the needy at the Bamenda Regional Hospital, some 22 times and others 15 times, have been awarded certificates of regular blood donors by Cameroon’s ministry of public health. This took place on the 20th July 2018, at the Bamenda Regional hospital premises.

At all times, these donors are screened for a number of viral or bacterial contamination before they are used. This is to prevent the transmission of HIV and other diseases to the receiver.

While saluting the donors for their unceasing courage, Dr Njini Rose, the General supervisor of the Regional hospital, encouraged the public to donor blood at the hospital as often as they can for they are people who need it on regular bases, but should make sure they are healthy enough for the exercise.

“If you’re thinking about donating blood but are not sure about your HIV status and health condition, you can request an HIV test in advance of donating at the hospital”. Says Dr Njini Rose

The transmission of HIV through blood products is very rare, but examples have occurred in some low-income countries which lack the equipment to test all blood.

“If you are doubtful of the safety of the blood which is to be transmitted to you, you can always ask the healthcare professional if it has been tested for HIV and other diseases or not”. Dr Njini Rose added.

It should be noted that the hospital supplies blood products to the whole of North West Region and at times Bafoussam in the West.

Maikem Emmanuela

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